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Night Market

Market Tips & Tricks...

A few learned tips to help navigate life as a market participant...

  • Use a clear shower curtain to place over table & items if it starts to sprinkle. In Charleston, rain can start and stop anytime so the clear curtain allows shoppers to still see your products during a light rainfall. In the event of stronger rainfall, the curtain serves as quick protection until you can get your items packed and away.

  • Open new tents before you arrive at an event. Sometimes they can be rather tricky to set up, especially the first time. Make sure you have had a chance to open it before your event set up begins. 

  • If you bring a tent, make sure to also bring specialty tents weights, and don't forget to use your tent as a way to display your items.

  • Include all social media pages in application. It is also suggested you have a separate business account from personal social media accounts. Be sure to make your business profile open and visible to the public. 

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